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5 Travel Size Toiletries for Minimalist Travelistas

The world has become closed and at the same time open. Thanks to the Concept of Travelling. Travel has surely made our lives better than ever, at least we think so during our vacations. The excitement of planning a vacation is no doubt itself exciting but the nightmare starts when it comes to packing. Well, packing bags can really get a tedious and messy job. There are many travel essentials which would be required by each member of the family. The question arises, how one manages to stuff all the essentials in a few bags. There are a couple of mandatories like clothes (obviously), shoes, sandals, and your make up or travel toiletries. Toiletries are the core of daily beauty regime which cannot be comprised, but the challenge is they end up taking too much space.

Here, we have got some amazing toiletries at selected hotels which allows customers not to worry to carry enough of toiletries. In such cases, trust your hotels with Inara Ayurveda Collection. Inara, one of the Ayurveda inspired luxurious brands specializes in miniature hotel amenities. The organisation is known to be the best when comes to capturing the essence of nature into beauty products. They go by the vision of adding an extra amount of refinement in Hotel Amenities to leave an unforgettable impression. That’s how Inara defines the Power of Nature. When one visits luxurious hotels to find Inara miniatures be assured that they are 100% natural products which are a mix of nature’s goodness combined with modern science. Not only the products but the products are also provided in recyclable packaging.  

Inara’s Hotel toiletries offer a wide range to satisfy your customer needs too. There are varieties of combination which is created keeping in mind different types of skin, geographical locations, the theme of the hotel etc. Let’s have a look at the amazing collection from the house of Inara:

Neroli and Lemon Zest: All About Goodness
Neroli is known for its bittersweet and honeyed fragrance when poured in any of the products like bathing soap, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel or body lotion. Inara makes sure that neroli oil is extracted from the fresh blossom of the bitter orange tree to keep the impact long lasting. Neroli oil induced bathing products are known to provide relaxation and treating stress. Lemon zests are known for its mood enhancing attributes which prove to be the right mix when your customers are experiencing leisure. They come in small packages of around 30 mls and not to miss, even the colours of packaging are inspired by the ingredients.

Water Lily and Citrus: All About Being Calm
When your customers are unwinding themselves from a city life give them a product to strike the right balance between body and mind. Give them little surprises of bathing amenities which are made up of the best of natural ingredients like Water Lily and Citrus. Such combinations are strange ones which are difficult to find with any other suppliers. They are suitable for hotel collections given the apt sizes of the tubes as well as bathing soap.

Tamarind and Orchid: Claim your Skin
Tamarind is known for exfoliating properties which helps to unclog the pores, reduce age-related spots and blemishes. Thus, helping the customers to revitalize their skin during the stay. It is also loaded with antioxidants, again helping in keeping the skin healthy from harmful free radicals. On the other side, it has got Orchid which has the most essential skin friendly elements like magnesium, zinc and calcium. They help in boosting skin immunity as well as moistures the skin while removing the fine line too.

Inara On-request products:
Now, nothing can better than this where a supplier would work especially to add value to your hotel brand by manufacturing distinct products to match your unique needs. So, you can order lip balms, face washes, bath salts and foam baths. These products are packed in travel miniature formats so that they are easily available to the customers at hotels.
Given the fact that there is no dearth of options for hoteliers to pick and choose bath and basic amenities, though one should not get into a trap of any product. The idea is to differentiate your overall experience than other hotels in order to increase the loyal customer base.


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